My takeaways from FIPP World Congress

I recently attended 41st FIPP World Congress along with around 500 other colleagues from the media industry. I really enjoy events such as this that are driven by engaging content and pertinent subjects.

As we know, the publishing industry is facing challenges, new disruptors entering the market and new channels popping up regularly, as well as much more. What I really found interesting were the sessions where the panelists discussed these challenges and then how they were addressing them. What’s particularly fascinating for me was to see how we’ve addressed some of these issues with our customers already - using BrightMedia, the Salesforce Ad Sales platform. A satisfying nod to the relevance of what we’re building for the market.

So what are the key areas that publishers are talking about?

There were many areas discussed but the three main take-aways for me were what I have called ‘The ABC of Success’:

A - Audience

We all say content is King! And while we know how important content is (See below!) isn’t it all about building audience? Publishers use brands to create engaging content in order to build audience. Then the ultimate goal is to monetise that audience to generate revenue streams. Publishers strategies should be aligned to the question: ‘How can we continue to build our audience?’.

B - Brand

Building brands is no mean feat. But many of the publishers who are facing these challenges have strong brands that have high engagement with long-time brand advocates. They’ve built the brand and their following over time.

C - Content

This is what differentiates Publishers from their competition. Content is still king! The brand and audience is built by providing readers with engaging, high quality and relevant content. It’s great to see that most publishers have clear strategies for their brand development in the competitive marketplace and are focused on content that supports this.

But for me, what appears to still be lacking is a clear understanding of how they then directly monetise the audience they’ve built. This surprised me as what else are Publishers creating the audience for? If they don’t monetise this then how are publishers paying for the content to support the brand?

The solution that we have developed does just that. Directly monetises the audience by matching advertisers with target audience segments. Generating new (or increased) revenue simply by utilising something publishers already have.

It’s my opinion, all publishers should be focusing on effectively monetising their audience if they’re going to thrive and stay ahead in this rapidly changing market.

How BrightMedia can help

BrightMedia, the Salesforce media solution from BrightGen, has the ability to turn a publisher’s audience data, collected through 1st, 2nd or 3rd party data sources into great marketing leads for sales teams. BrightMedia enables publishers to sell the right products to the right customers, to maximise audience response potential and continuously improve their value proposition.

BrightMedia provides publishers with the tools to:

  • Match products to audience
  • Use analytics to understand and target audience/content preferences
  • Improve advertising yield with directly targeted and segmented audience orders
  • Improve effectiveness of advertising campaigns – more targeted – levering long term business
  • Market your audience to your customer base all in one place
  • Combine all of your audience data in a centralised solution – not in data silos
  • Provide your sales teams with a true 360° view of all audience activity

  • Because: Publishers’ sales teams need to be aware of all customer interactions to provide the best possible customer experience. Every customer is paramount to future success!

    Duncan Smith
    VP Media & Social of BrightGen