#TheBrightWay to do Salesforce Tour London!

It's May, which means one thing at BrightGen - Salesforce World Tour London prep. And we love it! We have a big presence and the whole week is packed full of events.

The big day itself is always over too fast. With dozens of sessions as well as the expo, keynote, demos and more, you cannot do it all.

So we asked Salesforce MVP's and BrightGen Teamsters Keir Bowden and Jodi Wagner - what are the absolute highlights, the real unmissable moments of the day? How do we make the most of it? What is, if you'll indulge us - #TheBrightWay?

Over to you Jodi and Keir!

Where I'll be...
Jodi Wagner

This will be my third London World Tour and I love every minute of seeing my Salesforce #Ohana. But at a push, my Top 5 recommendations this year are:

5. The exciting talks about the Future of Salesforce and AI
Working with Salesforce and in the consulting world, we face increasing challenges around how to help our customers strategise on innovation and creating new solutions to existing challenges. I am expecting to learn some insight into how to continue to create innovative solutions on the platform. At the end of the day we want to learn how to further help our customers at BrightGen as they begin or continue their Salesforce journeys.

4. The Trailhead Zone
This is an opportunity to stop and ask questions on reports, Lightning, mobile, etc. The Trailhead booths are run by Community Trailblazers with a wealth of Salesforce knowledge and know-how. Look out for some of my BrightGen colleagues who are volunteering this year! Make sure you bring them your toughest questions!

3. Admin Zone talks!
Tracy Keeling will be speaking in the Admin Zone about Admin Power at noon. Tracy is a graduate of our first Speaker Academy course last year, it's going to be great to see her up there! I would also go and see Chris Bacon, a fellow BrightGen colleague and Speaker Academy graduate speaking in the Dev Zone, but as his talk is at 3.30pm it clashes with mine and I can't exactly miss that!

My talk, 'Power of the Project Manager' shares tips and tricks on ensuring successful projects and getting the most difficult stakeholders on your side.

2. The World Tour Keynote
These are always very inspirational and our customer, The Challenge, will be highlighted this year. The Challenge is an incredible organisation that aims to build a more integrated society in the UK. Their Step Forward programme brings together 17-20 year olds to learn about Salesforce and other technologies to pair them with employers and provide training. Volunteers will be roaming the Expo with iPads seeking pledges from organisations to take on an Apprentice in 2018.

1. 'Doing Business in the Age of Equality' Panel
I am most looking forward to this panel with Tony Prophet and other thought leaders. Diversity and Equality are passions of mine and I'm excited to hear views on how to continue to keep this topic at the forefront every day and what types of things we can do in the community to help.

See you all there!

Where I'd be if I could...
Keir Bowden

For me this World Tour is tinged with sadness, as I'm breaking my perfect attendance record, started back in 2011 when the event was known as Cloudforce! The 5 things I'm going to miss most are:

5. The Parties!
The World Tour isn't all work, work, work, and there's valuable networking to be done once the Expo hall closes.

4. Working the BrightGen booth
I've pulled booth duty at pretty much every type of Salesforce event and I still enjoy it. Talking to people about their business and figuring out how we can help them always gives me a buzz.

3. Cheering on Chris Bacon in the Dev Theatre
As Jodi mentioned, Chris was one of our Speaker Academy graduates, and he'll be appearing in the Developer Theatre at 3:30pm with a session entitled 'Lightning Component Framework from 0 to App'. Make sure you get along to see him.

2. Attending some Breakout Sessions
One of the main changes that I've seen in the London event over the years is how much of a training event it has become. This year there look to be around 40 sessions on a variety of topics and I won't get to see any of them. I encourage everyone to have a good look at the sessions and see atleast one.

1. Spending time with the Community
This is the one I'll miss the most. The London World Tour events bring the Salesforce community together in one location, including many from Europe and beyond. It's always great catching up with old friends and making new ones.

This year it is not to be...but i'll be back next year!

Interested in meeting BrightGen at Salesforce World Tour London on Thursday 18th May? Pop by our booth any time, or leave your details HERE and we'll get in touch.