The Winter '18 Salesforce release hits servers on the weekends of 7th and 14th October (for the most up to date information, see the Salesforce Status site) and myself and Clive Platt will once again be presenting one of our world renowned BrightGen release webinars on October 4th to cover the key new features for our customers.

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The Salesforce release notes get longer each release - Winter '18 tips the scale at 585 pages and we've been through each and every one of them, to identify the 5 key features everyone should be aware of.

1. List Emails
A new feature for the Lightning Experience - send emails to multiple recipients directly from a list view. Choose the recipients, customise the email using merge fields or templates, and check a preview for each recipient before sending.

2. Embed Dashboard in Home Page
Lightning Experience moves closer to feature parity with Classic adding the ability to embed dashboards into home or Lightning app pages. All the dashboard features are preserved, so you can add filters, refresh the data and drill into source reports.

3. Branding Sets
Communities built on the Winter '18 version of the Napili template support branding sets targeting specific audiences. No need to create a second community or multiple versions of pages, simply create a branding set and dynamically change the appearance and style based on who is viewing it.

4. Dynamic Lightning Pages
Dynamically show or hide Lightning Components on a record page based on the attributes of the record itself. Even better, if I add a "BIG DEAL" component to an opportunity record page that only displays if the amount is greater than $1,000,000, viewing an opportunity with a amount of less than $1,000,000 removes all trace of the component - a far cry from embedded Visualforce where a sea of white space appeared in the middle of the record!

5. Salesforce DX
The new Salesforce Developer eXperience goes GA in Winter '18, bringing a new CLI, a new type of org, a new IDE and a new development lifecycle which places version control front and centre.  This is by far the biggest change on the development side of Salesforce in the 9 years that I've been working with it and I can't wait to try it out in production.

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Keir Bowden is CTO of BrightGen, a Certified Technical Architect and multi-time Salesforce MVP - you can find him on twitter @bob_buzzard.