A New Year cheer for the big four BrightGen values! Never more important than in '19. 

Values? Why is that even worth a thought? Or, put it another way: Have you reflected on your 'why' lately? 

Here at BrightGen our values help us achieve full-force focus everyday, which is both energising and efficient and better value for everyone involved.

Our speed-to-value-generating approach starts with – our own BrightGen values – our always-on guiding lights: Integrity. Excellence. Transparency. Customer Success. Our 'whys'.

We look to our values to help us...

  1. Choose the right decision-making processes. For example, one of our core values is Excellence. So – our Quality Assurance team is part of our process of testing our products to ensure they meet our exacting standards.

  2. Exceed the Excellence our Customers come to us for. That's why we not only work hard for our Customers – we concentrate on continuously improving ourselves as success-creators too.

  3. Inform clients and potential customers about what BrightGen is all about. We are unique in the marketplace because of our identity. The way we behave is the way we are in our clients' eyes – so that needs to be natural and outstanding, at the very least. 

  4. Explain to clients what to expect from us.

  5. Know what's right. Just know. That's quicker – when you are busy getting on with it, right?!

  6. Understand challenges and orchestrate responding effort correctly.

  7. Attract new recruits. We expect and respect that talented job seekers will be doing their homework on the identities of the companies they are sending applications to. Our values will help applicants to decide if we are likely to be a good match for them. 

  8. Create project dream teams. It's so much better when we're together! Because – together with our Customers – we synthesise our unique talents to make our customer's wishes come true. We measure and get better. Customer satisfaction is clear for all to see too (cSat 9.93 BTW). Well, that's Transparent and pure unadulterated job satisfaction – is it not?!

  9. Move ahead at pace. We are go-ahead and work on making the right change happen.

  10. Make Customer success real and trackable.

  11. Work on a better shared future every day. 

  12. When our Customers are satisfied and we are busy doing the 'do' to get the job done – the exciting results are far more likely to lead to a   renewed desire to work together. 

  13. Be best placed to be our Customers' first choice partner for their next project – and their expert ally, together and stronger facing an uncertain future. 

  14. Grow with our Customers as a combined, experienced, successful, continuously-improving, full-force phenomenon.

So that's 14 reasons for starters.

Me? I find it's fun, empowering, enlivening and educational to do your best work among motivated, excellent, talented colleagues – that's my very own 'why' right there. 


By Robyn Bechelet 

Robyn has more than 6 years of direct CRM experience, initially in media where she previously gained more than 20 years experience in Content and Commercial management – in roles progressing from journalist to editor, publisher and editorial director. Systems was the next step as platform director– sharpening the enterprise-wide tools required for business transformation and to meet publishing industry challenges head to head. For the past 16 months Robyn has been working with numerous BrightGen customers using her practical experience and increasing knowledge to deliver solutions which bring to life better ways of doing business using SalesForce. A business architect bringing strategy to everyday reality, Robyn is a part of  Brightgen’s Customer Success Team whose focus is on working closely with customers to provide technical and business solutions to drive value and continuous improvement.