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We’ve created a range of BrightGen business accelerators, built on Salesforce. They allow your businesses to perform specific functions more easily, such as booking advertising space, facilities management, employee case management and customer communication.
Because these solutions are pre-developed by BrightGen and ready to implement, we can get them set up and working with Salesforce quickly, so you get fast results. Perhaps the best part is that they’re tried and tested – having already proven effective for many of our customers. By choosing a BrightGen accelerator we spend less time duplicating work while you get reliable solutions that speed up your progress and enhance the way you work with the Cloud.

Choose from the following BrightGen accelerators for more information:
Brightgen's Salesforce accelerator BrightMEDIA


Transform the way you sell advertising space – across all media and for all your products or publications. Save your sales team time, improve your customer experience with simple self-serve, and boost revenue.

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Brightgen's Salesforce accelerator BrightSMS
Brightgen's Salesforce accelerator BrightGIVING


Developed using our experience in the not-for-profit sector, BrightGiving enables you to focus on what matters most – raising funds. From managing direct debits to HMRC, this solution can boost efficiency and income, fast.

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Brightgen's Salesforce accelerator SignatureCapture


Record approvals digitally with the app that stores your signatures on Salesforce. Assurance for you, convenience for your customer.

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Brightgen's Salesforce accelerator BrightFM


The complete workforce and facilities management tool. With real time planning, allocation and monitoring of jobs, BrightFM makes management simple and flexible.

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Brightgen's Salesforce accelerator BrightPEOPLE


Developed to help your HR team respond to and organise employee issues or cases efficiently and discreetly. No more multiple spreadsheets. Just one place for all matters related to human resources.

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