Express Newspapers have migrated their advertising sales team onto Salesforce and into the cloud using BrightGen's Ad Sales solution. Express Newspapers engaged BrightGen to deliver their new Advertising solution, built using BrightMedia, leveraging the Salesforce platform to provide a full multi media booking experience for both their print and digital products.

"BrightMedia has allowed us to embrace the latest cloud based technology and future-proof our advertising booking system", said Alan Tabrar, Express Newspapers Advertising Systems Manager.

"For our clients, it will enable a seamless booking experience across all our media platforms - from print to digital and social media. For our sales teams it will provide an advanced, intuitive and functional platform, managing all our our multi-media content within one hosted system. It has been fully integrated with our existing print planning and productions systems and with our digital ad servers via a two way interface, giving us real time analysis of digital campaigns."

"BrightMedia will allow our business to take advantage of Salesforce's leading CRM and marketing facilities, which have been fully integrated into the ad booking process.", Tabrar continues. "This technology has enabled us to rapidly develop and support innovative new projects and agency agreements, allowing us to remain responsive and competitive within a diverse and rapidly changing market."

BrightGen's BrightMedia Ad Sales accelerator enables media companies to leverage the Salesforce clouds and extends Salesforce into the advertising sales process at a much lower cost than a product, whilst being tailored to precisely fit each company's process. Designed specifically for the media industry with integration to DFP and print planning systems such as MediaPlanner, this unique solution allows media companies to migrate from expensive on-premise legacy systems into a Software As A Service solution.