Day 2 - Thursday 5th June

Bright and early at 8am its time for breakfast and then to the Grand Ballroom for the official kick off to the 2014 MVP Summit. This year we have allocated seats at tables rather than a derby system where we all race to the front, which is good as it means that we get to talk to some different people to usual. The first order of business is a talk from the director of Project Night Night, who are doing some amazing work with homeless families, followed by just under an hour filling 300 bags (stuffed toy, blanket, age-appropriate book) and packing them into boxes for shipping. The rest of the morning was taken up with presentations from representatives of the various MVP teams - I'm on the mentorship team, looking out for potential MVPs in the community and helping them to make the step up, and Francis Pindar was giving our presentation. Our big story this year was extending the MVP community to the other half of the human race, with the induction of our first females - Carolina Ruiz and Angela Mahoney - welcome aboard ladies.

That finished off the morning, and after lunch it was time for presentations from the product managers - one of the best perks of the MVP program, as it gives us some insight into where the various products in the Salesforce portfolio are headed in the medium term. The presentations were on Platform, ISV and Salesforce1, the first and last topics being very dear to my heart. An interesting approach to questions was taken for the presentations - we posted to a chatter group where they were moderated and asked by our very own MVP-Wrangler In Chief (alright, Salesforce Advocacy Program Manager if we are being serious) Matt Brown. The product managers had access to the group and continued answering after they had finished their sessions - a serious investment of time given how busy these people are. We were a little slow to get going with the questions, but before too long the chatter feed was humming. A big shout out to Steven Tamm, CTO of Salesforce, who was a total answer machine.

The final session of the day was probably my favourite innovation of this years MVP Summit - roundtable discussions with the product managers. Basically this meant up to 6 of us had 25 minutes sat round a table with a product manager to ask our burning questions, repeating this 4 times. As well as finally getting answers to some questions that have been bugging me for a while, it was great to see some old friends from previous developer events and London Salesforce Developer Group meetups, such as Sandeep Bhanot, Josh Kaplan and Andrew Waite. Once again, a serious investment of time from some very busy people, and man was it useful.

After this we could kick back and relax with a drinks reception, where I saw some of the thinking of the UX team on communities, and then off to dinner at Tank 18. Another great concept - a big old space with wine and beer, and food trucks then turned up at one end dishing out burgers, fish tacos and more. Great because you didn't need to sit down at a table to eat, allowing freedom of movement and networking chances with different people, plus an opportunity to chat with Peter Coffee and Steven Tamm, among others.