It's October, which means that Dreamforce is a fading memory and the Winter 19 release of Salesforce is about to land! Scheduled for go live over the weekends of October 6th and 13th (see for full details) this is one of the more feature packed releases that I can remember.

Clive Platt and I presented our 19th release webinar on October 4th (you can watch the on-demand version here) and once again we've picked out our favourite features to share. There were so many great ones in this release that we had to make it six of the best! (Note that these features are still in pre-release and aren't guaranteed to go live in Winter 19, or indeed ever!).

1 Display Density

If you find that there's too much whitespace in the Lightning Experience, you can now switch the Display Density to Compact and everything will pack itself tighter. The field values will move to the same line as the labels and the space between page elements will be reduced, fitting 30% more fields on the page.

2 Chatter posts are automatically saved as drafts

Ever got part way through a chatter post then inadvertently switched to another URL and lost the lot? Ask your administrator to enable Draft Posts and this will be a distant, if unpleasant, memory. Once enabled, all aspects of posts (files, links, images, mentions etc) are saved as you create them and can be accessed later through the My Drafts sidebar option.

3 Lightning Experience Content Delivery Network

Powered by Akamai, this caches standard Salesforce content at a location geographically close to your users, speeding up page load times. Note that the cached information does not include your data or metadata, it's purely for the static JavaScript and CSS that Salesforce serves to all users.

4 Permission Based Lightning Component Visibility

Conditional component rendering in the Lightning App Builder takes a leap forward with the inclusion of filters based on standard and custom user permissions. Need a component to be visible for only a subset of users? Create a custom permission and assign it to the users via a permission set and you can hide the component unless the user viewing the page has that permission set assigned.

5 Create and Edit Field Sets in Lightning Experience Setup

A small change, but one that has a giant impact on admins switching back to Salesforce Classic! Our BrightMedia appcelerator uses field sets across the board, to allow admins to define the fields that make up a fulfilment process for example, so this will prove a real timesaver!

6 Batch Apex Error Events (Beta)

One for the developers and even though this is a beta feature, it's well worth investigating. Implement the Database.RaisesPlatformEvents interface and a platform event will be fired when your batch Apex encounters an error or exception, providing more information than the Apex Jobs UI, including the record ID(s) being processed, and the exception type, message and stack trace. Even better, events are also fired for exceptions that your code isn't able to catch, such as Limit Exceptions and internal Salesforce errors.

We covered these and many more features in our release webinar, which you can watch on-demand here.

Keir Bowden is CTO of BrightGen, a Certified Technical Architect and multi-time Salesforce MVP - you can find him on twitter @bob_buzzard.