BrightGen hosted a super-fascinating meet-up (#LondonDataTribe) on January 10th. It was all about Einstein analytics and how to unleash this genius SalesForce kit without anyone or anything falling over. Here’s the inside track.

Anyone knows that Artificial Intelligence is already busy with the data:

  • suggesting all kinds of purchasing choices for buyers – that’ll be Amazon
  • helping to rescue likely-to-exit customers – that’s Intelligent contact centres putting deals in front of their agents’ very eyes to tempt the caller with
  • and driving next best business actions – those customer win back MarkComms – an offer email to you and me. 

And, as the audience at last week’s Einstein Analytics London meet up found out, it’s not just Goliath-sized companies getting smarter, more and more businesses are benefiting from the approach which is often more helpful to Customers' customers and scalable. And many people in the room have already delivered these solutions for customers.

True, a certain amount of data is needed to make meaningful predictions but when high volumes of transactions are analysed the data story of the past can soon be the foreseer of the future. The message there is get started now! 

With machine-learning everything gets refined over time. Where to start?

Colin Linsky knows, he’s a lead solution engineer at Salesforce and has looked at more data sets than many many people. At Thursday’s meet up he presented the whole proposition and told us SalesForce is open about the way that Einstein works, so much so that its all published Open Source.

The whole point is: Use Einstein predictions to make better business decisions – work smarter not harder.

Going Live with Einstein is an art and a science, BrightGen’s Einstein Analytics Practice Lead, Nicholas Flook shared insights about the process of bringing Einstein to life in his master-class on deployment.

Key takeaways:

  • Einstein injects intelligence into the Salesforce Platform to support business decisions based on real data and scenarios
  • It removes human bias and finds patterns 
  • The hop skip and jump is: Descriptive, Predictive, Prescriptive
  • The joy comes in when it is put into Business Process – flows and decision making charts
  • Use it to Answer questions – will these leads convert? Find what will make the difference – a strategic offer perhaps, learn the tipping point and analyse and refine.
  • Get notified! Suggested actions can be made into a task for SF users to do
  • Historic information: Use it to predict trends and create models of what might be, then test and refine.
  • Score the likelihood which can be percentage/dollar
  • See reasons behind the percentage
  • Actionable variables are in play and Einstein decides what's likely to get the best result
  • Can be added to the Salesforce home page – embedded dashboards – predictive graphics

For Salesforce users the resulting multi-dimensional model 'tells me what to do in my day' in priority order. Now that sounds handy.

Going live with analytics was covered by Nic Flook. See Nic’s presentation

Contact BrightGen to find out how Einstein can help your business. Based on our experience we predict success! 


By Robyn Bechelet 

Robyn has more than 6 years of direct CRM experience, initially in media where she previously gained more than 20 years experience in Content and Commercial management – in roles progressing from journalist to editor, publisher and editorial director. Systems was the next step as platform director– sharpening the enterprise-wide tools required for business transformation and to meet publishing industry challenges head to head. For the past 16 months Robyn has been working with numerous BrightGen customers using her practical experience and increasing knowledge to deliver solutions which bring to life better ways of doing business using SalesForce. A business architect bringing strategy to everyday reality, Robyn is a part of  Brightgen’s Customer Success Team whose focus is on working closely with customers to provide technical and business solutions to drive value and continuous improvement.