On the 29th July we saw the London Salesforce Developers host our first virtual TrailheaDX Global Gathering and our fourth virtual event since the Covid pandemic landed.

There are pros and cons to virtual meetups - obviously we'd love to see and interact with each other in person, but an online event allows people to join who wouldn't otherwise get the chance, and we had signups from around the world! From an organiser perspective it's much easier to run the events as there is no searching for a venue and beer/pizza sponsor - all we need is the BrightGen sponsored Zoom account and we are all set.

For those who haven't attended one, Global Gatherings are a little different to the regular events run by a group like ours. Typically we'd have one or two deep dive talks on specific technology and the presenters would be responsible for putting together all of the information and demos. For a Global Gathering event we cover the key highlights from TrailheaDX (or Dreamforce) and point the attendees at the Salesforce recorded talks. It's a balancing act, as you need to give enough information to capture the attendees' interest and make them want to discover more, without replicating everything they will see in the official videos. We also needed to make sure we gave them enough information to answer some quiz questions, as we had a couple of cert vouchers to give away!

The areas we covered this time were:

  • DevOps Center
  • Platform Highlights:
    • Salesforce Functions (formerly known as Evergreen)
    • Safe Navigation Operator
    • Transaction Finalizers
    • Einstein Text and VisionGraph API and Limits
    • FIELDS() SOQL command
  • Code Builder (or the tech behind it, as I didn't make the pilot - read more at the Bob Buzzard Blog)

and a few interesting questions and answers from the True To The Core session

Including True To The Core turned out to be a good decision, as this is just become a monthly event hosted on Trailhead live - in fact the first session finished 15 minutes before our event started!

You can view the recording of the Global Gathering Here.