Starting a new job can be daunting for anyone. And, in the complex world of technology (especially consultancy!) these feelings are likely to be amplified in the run-up to your ‘first day’. The great news is –  I discovered it doesn’t have to be like that at all, writes Eleanor Cornish, Project Lead in our Witham office.

Ellie says: “I recently moved from a medium-sized start-up consultancy to BrightGen, who have been operating successfully as a Salesforce Platinum Partner for 12 years. Although I was completely ready for this next step in my career, the move still brought with it uncertainty and nerves. I have now been a Project Lead at BrightGen for 4 weeks and I want to share my experience and the admirable things I have already learnt about BrightGen as an employer. BrightGen is more than an implementation partner. First and foremost, we are a collection of innovative and exceptionally accomplished people who are all working towards the same shared goals. “Our people are our power” is a quote found on the ‘About Us’ page of BrightGen’s website and for me, it is central to everything I have discovered so far about my new employer.

From my first day it has been clear that ‘striving to be better’ is imperative at BrightGen. It doesn’t matter whether your objective is to become a CTA or to build the best solution to guide our customers to success; at the heart of what everyone does and who everyone is at BrightGen is the notion that we want to ‘be better’ and ‘do better’. And don’t forget, this is an ever-changing goalpost: you can always be better than you were yesterday! Beyond BrightGen’s remarkable culture of passionate and talented minds, is a leadership structure that truly nurtures success. Employee engagement, development and recognition go hand-in-hand and are almost interdependent. So, when an employer gets these three things right they hold the key to happy and productive employees. BrightGen has already demonstrated understanding when it comes to  the importance of getting these three attributes right and, perhaps more importantly, shown me on many occasions, different initiatives, policies and processes that feed into these values, in action!

Being the new person in such a large and successful consultancy can sometimes feel like you are always one step behind everyone else but everyone at BrightGen, from Chloe and Julie who have supported me through my induction and first few weeks, to the project team I have been working with and beyond, everyone has gone out of their way to ensure I have everything I need to succeed as part of this ever-growing team.

My only regret is that I spent so much time worrying about my first day and how my move to BrightGen would shape my future career when there was nothing to be apprehensive about. Don’t get me wrong – you will never not be nervous when you start a new job, but, if you join BrightGen those nerves will be replaced with excitement and a feeling of being part of something bigger, within hours of being here!”

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