The Business Success team are specialist Brightgen business consultants who use their skills and experience in business analysis and Salesforce expertise to gain a true understanding of our client’s needs and expectations. This is so that we can help bring to life a whole new way of operating with Salesforce and realise our client’s ambitions for a better business.


Our Team Objectives:

  • Consult and Problem Solve
  • Promote transparency and alignment with the customers needs and expectations
  • Promote a Focus on Business Needs and Success Criteria
  • Optimise Processes and Methods: Reduce Stress, Efficiently use time.  
  • Identify and Create re-usable tools/resources
  • Provide Support and Mentoring within the Organisation
  • Drive Continuous Improvement within the Organisation

Trusted Advisors we can be called on to assist in shaping thoughts about:

  • Roadmapping
  • Value Drivers, Wants and Needs
  • Business Readiness
  • Transformation
  • Solution Architecture
  • Thought Leadership
  • Strategic & Tactical approaches
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Adoption and realising ROI – increasing speed-to-value
  • Co-ordinating complex  programmes
  • Business process change
  • User experience and optimising future operational efficiency

Our role fits Prom Pre-Sales to Technical Domain Specialists. If you would like to know more do get in touch.