The sun is shining, the mercury is rising and this can only mean one thing - the Salesforce Summer ‘18 release is just around the corner. The new functionality is scheduled to go live over the weekends of June 2nd and 9th - see for full details of the schedule.

BrightGen will be continuing our long tradition of release webinars - Clive Platt and myself will be presenting our 18th installment at 4pm on May 30th. As usual we've been scouring the release notes to unearth the gems, and here is our top 5 (note that these features are still in pre-release and aren't guaranteed to go live in Summer, or ever!).

1 Lightning Report Builder is GA

While it doesn't have full parity with the classic reports (Joined Reports are beta in Summer ‘18, for example), there's less need to keep switching back to the classic setup pages. Reports exported to Excel can now keep the formatting, including column summaries and totals.

2 Lightning Usage App

Track adoption of the Lightning Experience, including daily/monthly active users, count of users switching back to Classic, most visited pages and more. Understanding how your users access Salesforce can help you optimize your training and adoption efforts.

3 Private Email Drafts for Cases

A relatively small feature, but potentially a real timesaver. As agents type emails they are automatically saved as draft every few seconds, and these drafts are private rather than accessible to anyone with access to the case. Note that this is currently only supported in the case feed.

4 My Domain Renaming

As My Domain becomes the de-facto brand name when users access Salesforce, choosing the domain name has always been a somewhat fraught process, with the ever-present fear that the wrong name will be selected and there will be repercussions. Summer 18 removes this concern as you can rename your domain whenever you like, with no need to contact Salesforce.

5 Debug Log Size Increased

One for the developers - we've all experienced the MAXIMUM DEBUG LOG SIZE REACHED message, and the truncation of the part of the log file that we are actually interested in! The maximum debug log size is being increased in Summer 18 to 5Mb, which according to the Salesforce research will mean that most of us won't have our logs truncated.

We'll be covering these and many more features in our release webinar, which you can sign up for here.

Keir Bowden is CTO of BrightGen, a Certified Technical Architect and multi-time Salesforce MVP - you can find him on twitter @bob_buzzard.