Calling all users of Google DSM!

The Google Double-click Sales Manager (DSM) tool to manage digital ad sales is being retired in 2019. The time to start your transition to a new solution is now - but what are your options?

If your organisation already uses Salesforce, you are halfway to the most advanced cloud-based ad sales solution there is.   

BrightMedia is used by some of the world's leading publishers for all of their digital ad sales functions, with seamless two-way integration offered to Google Double-click for Publishers (DFP) for ad serving. BrightMedia is a more powerful and flexible solution than Google DSM, so view this as the perfect time to re-vamp your ad sales process.

By implementing this comprehensive and future-proof solution for the business, you can streamline inventory management, optimise order booking and fulfillment and remove manual processes therefore reducing risk of error.

What if I don’t have Salesforce?

The benefits of adopting the world’s Number 1 CRM are extensive. You would open the door to learn more about your customers and have a true 360° view of all your activities in one place. Reporting is a breeze. In today's crowded advertising marketplace this is more crucial than ever, and provides you the opportunity to service your customers better than your opposition.

And though change at this scale can be daunting, it doesn't have to be. A partnership with BrightGen gives you access to the most experienced team in helping companies to transition to Salesforce.

Look at this as more than a replacement of your order management system and instead focus on the benefits. What processes can you improve? Can you drive higher retention? Empower your teams with better statistics? Serve your customers better? Help your sales teams sell more efficiently? The options are endless.

But let’s start at the beginning

Contact us to discuss your transition away from Google DSM, and all the options available to you.

Jake Stevens
Media Account Manager

You can learn more about BrightMedia here.


Blog contributed by Duncan Smith, VP Media & Social at BrightGen.