1. BrightMedia

Dreamforce 2015 marked a departure from usual practice for BrightGen, as we were invited by Salesforce to take a stand in the customer success zone to showcase our media ad sales product - BrightMedia. This meant, among other things, taking a team of 7 to cover stand duty, producing a ton of collateral and content, but most importantly getting some shirts made:

We also had a couple of talks around BrightMedia - one by me on building the mobile front end using Lightning Components - Mobilize your Ad Sales with Lightning Components, and a talk from one of our customers - Robert Avery, Head of Enterprise and Group Sales Support at Northern and Shell - Managing Your Next Gen Ad Sales.

2. Dev Zone

Usually my home from home, stand duty meant that I spent a lot less time than I usually would in the dev zone, which gone all Trailhead on us:

for anyone who has somehow managed to miss this, Trailhead is Salesforce's gamified,interactive learning system to get admins and developers up to speed on the platform and allow them to build out their skills. Given that Dreamforce is part user conference part training event, Trailhead and the dev zone complement each other perfectly.

As Lightning Components are scheduled to be GA across all supported Salesforce platforms in Winter 16, it was no surprise that a lot of the content for the dev zone this year focused on this. Once they are GA, it hopefully won't be too long before we are able to embed our components in the Salesforce UI and achieve the nirvana of finally being able to customise the standard edit page!

3. Thunder and Lightning

The big reveal this year was the IoT cloud, powered by Salesforce Thunder. The idea behind IoT cloud is that data that is captured from sensors, devices, websites etc is connected to customer data in Salesforce to provide better insights into customer activities and pick out key events from potentially huge volumes of data as they happen.

It wasn't all Thunder though - the new UI, Lightning Experience (LightningX) may have been announced prior to Dreamforce but it received equal billing in Marc Benioff's keynote. LightningX is due to be available in the Winter 16 release of Salesforce, but for a subset of the Salesforce UI mainly focused around sales.

4. SalesforceIQ

Back in 2014, Salesforce acquired a company named RelateIQ, which analysed a user's professional emails, other interactions and data to offer reminders and suggestions. This was rebranded and relaunched at Dreamforce as SalesforceIQ and mobile applications launched in beta on the App Store and Google Play.

5. Wave (aka the Analytics Cloud)

In addition to the standalone Wave applications, two new offerings were announced at Dreamforce and are now in Pilot - Sales and Service Wave, including pre-defined data flows to ensure the right data is available and dashboard templates to deliver the right information to the right users.