The Spring '16 release of Salesforce is scheduled to roll out over the weekends of 6th and 13th February (always check the Trust Calendar for the latest information). Clive Platt and I produced another of our world-famous release webinars at the end of January to go through the key features with our customers. And here are our top 5 picks of the new features in this release:

Lightning Experience Custom List Views and Navigation Menu

We're big fans of the Lightning Experience here at BrightGen, and use it both internally and in our BrightMedia Fullforce solution. Being able to create a BrightMedia specific navigation menu for Advertising Sales or Operations users makes a huge difference, as it saves users a number of clicks - opening the App Launcher, clicking the Other Items tile and then locating the actual tab you are interested in works out to a surprising amount of time over the day when you are doing it every couple of minutes.

Live Agent Private Messages

We've all been there - explained who we are and what the problem is, only to be put through to another department and having to explain it all again. Private messages in Live Agent allow agents to keep each other in the loop when transferring a chat or starting a conference, allowing the next agent to pick straight up where the last one left off.

Setup Healthcheck Tool

This new tool shows how your security setup matches up against the Salesforce baseline standard. I'd urge everyone to check this for their production system, as there's nothing more important than making sure your data is as safe and secure as you thought it was.

Lightning Experience Global Actions

Another great time saver - create events, tasks, calls or notes from any page using the new Global Actions menu in the Lightning Experience header. It would be even nicer if we could customise the menu and add our own actions, but hopefully we'll see that in a future release.

Unit Test Framework Improvements

One for the developers in house. There are three key improvements in this area:

  • Set the record created date in unit tests
  • Execute tests from multiple classes as a discrete unit via Test Suites
  • Stop unit test execution after a configurable number of failures - no more waiting 45 minutes for all of your tests to complete when its clear after the first few seconds that you've made a dreadful mistake