Fundraise on Salesforce with ease and speed 

BrightGiving enables nonprofit organisations to focus on what matters most, their charitable causes. The solution is built on key aspects of the Salesforce Platform including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Analytics Cloud and Marketing Cloud and works in partnership with Salesforce Nonprofit Starter Pack. 

We’ve used our experience working with many charities to develop a solution that helps improve efficiency and boost income. BrightGiving manages donations from web presence, campaigns, social and partner channels and also manages Direct Debits and automates Gift Aid claims to HMRC. 
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Features & Benefits

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BrightGiving is built especially for nonprofits that want to leverage technology to transform their organisation into a fundraising machine. 

Manage Gift Aid 
and Direct Debits

Process Direct Debits, BACS payments, Gift Aid declarations and HMRC submissions and improve reporting to handle donation upgrades

Improve payment

Streamline donation processing by automating Direct Debit collections and responses as well as card payments and refunds. BrightGiving also supports payroll giving, CAF, standing orders, cash, cheque and postal orders

Ensure compliance with HMRC regulations

Highlight incorrectly populated supporter data prior to Gift Aid submission to ensure compliance with HMRC. Responses are automatically handled and reflected back against the transaction immediately

Easily manage and 
upload agency files

Process third party agency files into a staging area that allows for file validation, transformation and loading. Ensure agency data is correctly processed against existing or new supporters. Create agency communities to increase branding, encourage self service and execute more effective campaigns


Integration with Salesforce brings all your data into one place, and at the same time gives you all the benefits of cloud-based technology, such as availability, scalability, security and disaster recovery. With the Salesforce platform you are able to take advantage of extended functionality such as data intelligence and marketing tools to ensure campaign success

360 degree 
supporter view 

Manage individual supporters and their donations, memberships, relationships and company affiliations as well as households and recurring payments. Manage communication consent to ensure appropriate engagement with donors. Capture supporter preferences such as hobbies and interests to allow for targeted campaigns