The Cloud-based solution transforming ad sales

BrightMedia was created by BrightGen to help ensure you never miss another ad sales opportunity. The solution, which is built on the Salesforce platform, can be used for all types of media sales from traditional print media to digital and all associated services. It makes selling, managing and booking advertising space smooth and simple, and creates a flexible framework for businesses to adapt to a changing eco-system.  

If you sell advertising space, BrightMedia streamlines your sales processes and ensures your customers receive an improved service. Sales teams further benefit from a real-time aerial view of all customer activity, whether it’s orders, invoices or service cases raised. And because it's built on Salesforce, the world’s number one cloud platform, you can take advantage of all the benefits of Cloud-based technology.
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BrightMedia integrates Salesforce into the advertising sales process, supporting your sales teams by managing advertising orders from quotation through to fulfilment and billing in one seamless process.

Reporting and analytics

Benefit from the Salesforce platform to provide an aerial view of your data with powerful reporting and dashboards and use Salesforce Analytics for in-depth data analysis.

Ad booking on the move

Allow your sales team to make ad bookings wherever they are. Easy, wizard-based booking process, designed for mobile devices.

Match audience to clients

Drive more sales by choosing the most appropriate platform for your clients needs and sell audience by optimising your first party data.


Offer your advertisers access to your ad sales system through customer portals. Allow them to maintain their information, see relevant availability and offers and profile advertisers and target them with spare inventory.

Single view of an advertiser

See all your interactions with an advertiser in one place. View and monitor spend with advanced contract functionality enabling increased opportunities for cross and up-selling.  

Inventory management

Know what ad space is available in real time, optimise your inventory to see priority space and integrate with programmatic trading desks to reach a new audience. 


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Implementing BrightMedia brings benefits to the entire team, and also to advertisers themselves.

Ad Operations

  • Easy product creation and management
  • Easy inventory creation and management
  • Automatic workflow and authorisation based on ad ops / product rules 
  • Reduction in ad rejection due to inventory checking at order stage

Sales Person

  • Book multi-channel ads in a single order
  • Check available inventory before taking an order
  • Accurate and up-to-date credit Information
  • Clear visibility of advertising spend by customer
  • Improved reporting
  • Mobile application showing available inventory, supporting sales ‘on the road’
  • Highly intuitive, requiring less training

Sales Manager

  • Prioritise sales based on available inventory
  • Ability to perform targeted marketing through branding and products
  • Speed at which new platforms, categories etc. can be created

Media Execs

  • Real time visibility of sales versus targets and annual trends
  • Visibility of product actuals versus planned yield
  • Ability to direct sales targeting and product strategy


  • Accurate tracking of actual yields vs forecast
  • Up-to-the-minute reporting of bookings, with comparisons to other periods
  • Split digital and print revenues for reporting


  • Self-service capability
  • Access to offers and late availability deals
  • Specify interests and preferences
  • Improved visibility of orders and status
  • Easy to re-run previous advertising from saved adverts

The drive for change

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BrightMedia integrates Salesforce into the advertising sales process, supporting your sales teams by managing advertising orders from quotation through to fulfillment and billing in one seamless process.

Adapting to change

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The advertising market is constantly changing with the move from traditional advertising channels to new digital channels. Sales teams are under pressure to transition from order processing to business development. Many existing systems are end-of-life, having not been designed for digital or its rapidly changing ecosystem.

Media organisations require an advertising management solution that can support emerging products and adapt to accommodate products yet to be defined. Media executives and management need clear business metrics, insight to direct and drive sales activity and the ability to offer customers self-service to reduce the impact on stretched internal resources. 

Understanding your marketplace and revenue streams through clear and reliable data is critical in the analysis of customer information, with a solution that consolidates facts and figures from all parts of your business being of paramount importance.