360° customer visibility and transparency

Built on the Salesforce Platform, BrightMEDIA transforms advertising sales. This end-to-end Order Management System (OMS) allows you to manage all of your agencies and customers in one place. 

BrightMEDIA extends Salesforce for publishers, from lead creation to the management of the pipeline through to fulfilment and invoicing. Everyone can collaborate on one platform and provide an effortless customer experience. 

A streamlined and integrated OMS gives you a holistic (360°) view of your customers. You’ll know more about your customers' behaviour and interactions than they do! 
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BrightMEDIA can

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Streamlined sales. Superior service. Across your organisation.

Eliminate silos. Eliminate friction.

BrightMEDIA unifies sales, service, marketing and analytics into one cloud-based platform. With inaccuracies and miscommunications eliminated, you can focus on streamlining your organisation for agile adaptation.

Cultivate collaboration

With every department plugged in to the same system, Sales can see if Finance has invoiced. Ad Ops can see what leads are close to completion. And everybody can keep in constant contact using the built-in communication tools – with everything recorded for reference.

Maintain a single source of truth

View every interaction with a customer in the same place, in real time. Quotes, orders and invoices, with custom reports and data dashboards. Easily identify cross-selling opportunities – and better serve your clients.

Upskill your sales

Create complex, cross-channel packages tailored to audiences, segments and networks. Easily offer a range of detailed quotes – that automatically feed into your revenue projections. Enable programmatic ad sales with comprehensive, custom reporting.

BrightMEDIA connects

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Adapting to change

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Revenue Management

Get a bird’s eye view of the pipeline with automated analytics and data dashboards – based on real-time data from every stage in the advertising lifecycle.

Order Management

Complete, accurate order management from lead to cash. Automate processes, keep everybody up to speed, and ensure that money never gets in the way of giving great service.


Streamline fulfilment with direct page planning integration to Journal Designer and MediaPlanner. Track, manage and approve content within a single system. 

Data and analytics

Unify your data into detailed dashboards and reports – and gain unprecedented insight into your operations with integrated Salesforce Einstein Analytics.

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