Working our magic
Our usual ‘day in the life of’ blogs give you some insight into how we go about our daily lives, making transformations (and miracles) happen for BrightGen customers.

But this month we’re going employee facing, speaking with our internal recruitment superstar Lauren Cohen, to find out how the talent team go about growing and developing Team BrightGen.

How I got here
I’ve been working in technology recruitment since 2011, originally on the agency side after university, then I moved internally. I joined BrightGen in 2015. It sounded like such a great opportunity as the company had exciting growth plans - the Salesforce technology was new to me, but I could tell straight away it was a community I wanted to be a part of. So I jumped at the chance.

My day
I’m usually based in our head office in Witham, but visit our London office at least once a week. After coffee and responding to emails, my day is usually a lot of meetings! Both candidate interviews in person and on the phone, but also internal meetings - it’s important I get input from senior colleagues for every post I’m hiring for as Salesforce technology is always developing and the skill set is very niche.

I ensure that I block time to forge new relationships within the Salesforce ecosystem even for roles we aren’t hiring for currently. I really value the great personal network of professionals I have built, their recommendations are so important.

And of course some days are dedicated to onboarding our new starters! As anyone who follows us on LinkedIN will know, we have new joiners very regularly as we are always growing and looking to increase our expertise in all areas of Salesforce.

The hiring challenge
My job can be challenging - there is a short supply of Salesforce skills in the UK market so it’s a competitive environment.

But on the flip side, and something that I think is unique to Salesforce over other technologies, the very nature of the ecosystem is that everyone is always learning and developing, or specialising - particularly those that work at Salesforce partners like BrightGen. So who knows what a candidate I speak to today might be up to next year, they may have developed their skills and knowledge significantly, or in a different area of Salesforce.

We really support this professional development at BrightGen, it feels like we have a post on Chatter every day that one of our colleagues has passed another certification, I don’t know where they find the time. We’re also trying to bridge the skills gap with our graduate scheme and are really fortunate to have the setup in house to run this. Four Computer science grads joined us this year - plus three apprentices from the StepForward programme run by our customer The Challenge.

A BrightGen career
Working at a partner is different than working in house on a Salesforce team. Our Consultants have to be flexible as they have really varied jobs, project to project, phase to phase - and even day to day. They also need to have a real desire to progress their career through Salesforce Certifications, and be self-starters when they hit challenges. That said, no one works alone as they are all part of a team and everyone is really supportive and more then happy to share their knowledge. This really adds to the collaborative culture we have here at BrightGen and this approach is certainly something I look for in hiring.

Considering applying to BrightGen?
I am actively seeking experienced Developers and Tech Leads as we speak, and with the increased demand from customers for CPQ, Marketing Cloud and Einstein Analytics I am also seeking specialists in these, so here are a few tips for anyone keen to join us on Team BrightGen!

  • Prioritise
    I know how hard it is to cram your experience on to a couple of pages on a CV, but this is general good advice that applies to agency applications as well as in house - prioritise your experience and keep it under 3 pages.
  • Prepare
    I don’t think I’m sharing a huge secret when I say that we really like it when the candidate has put the effort in to do some background research on us, it shows that they care as much as I do that BrightGen is the right fit for them.
  • Blaze some Trails!
    Especially candidates from a non-Salesforce background on the development side - I would advise taking a look at Trailhead so you can demonstrate the crossover of your experience to me, and in your technical interview too.
  • Socialise
    Keep an eye on our website - but definitely also connect with me on LinkedIN and follow BrightGen on LinkedIN and Twitter for the most up to date alerts. And if you love the sound of BrightGen, drop me a private message - I’m always happy to talk about current or future vacancies that might suit you.
  • MeetUp
    The regular MeetUps are a great opportunity to widen your circle as well as learn new things. There is always at least one person from BrightGen at a MeetUp, often actually on the organising committee or presenting. Look out for them if you’d like to talk about BrightGen.

    Want to join Team BrightGen?
    Visit the Careers Page - and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIN to see new opportunities and other company updates!