Ten years ago today, Rob Stevens and Martin Tyte founded BrightGen. Back when Salesforce was still mainly just a CRM, when we were taking black cabs not Uber’s and staying in hotels instead of Airbnbs.

They saw potential for other businesses to modernise, achieve their goals and transform using Salesforce technology. While traditional IT systems and services had a reputation for being complicated, cumbersome and ineffective, BrightGen would be different. Helped by the flexibility of the Salesforce platform, we began freeing customers from laborious legacy systems. The results for customers were greater efficiency and the ability to adapt in ever-changing environments allowing them to power ahead of the competition.

BrightGen’s model was to provide an exceptional level of Salesforce skill – people with the knowledge of the platform that could help any organisation use it to full effect. In addition, we understood the importance of getting a return on investment quickly. So from day one our consultants and project managers have gained a detailed understanding of a customers’ business before making the fundamental changes or recommendations they need to improve, grow and thrive.

BrightGen’s reason for being wasn’t only about Salesforce expertise and process improvements though. Over many years working in the industry, our founders had experienced a lack of customer care and fairness when it came to providing IT services. This included inadequate service, a lack of interest in a customer’s long-term path and less than acceptable response times.

Rob and Martin vowed to change all that, and now, ten years on, not only is BrightGen still thriving, we have delivered more than 600 successful implementation projects. And we’ve done it all with a commitment to hiring and nurturing the best Salesforce talent as well as being determined to do the right thing for each customer.

Today, our growing business remains one that places a great importance on fairness and its customers’ long-term strategy. Through our three main services - Projects, Service Management and BrightGen-developed apps, we enable organisations to reach their potential. A decade after we started, we still believe in guiding them to success with intelligent solutions, honesty, integrity and, above all, by being a partner that delivers on its promises.