The end of Google DSM – your questions answered


Q&A - The end of Google DSM 

If you’re still using Google DSM to deliver your ads into DoubleClick, then it’s time to consider your options. Google will retire the technology in 2019, which doesn’t leave much time to choose a new solution. You have a number of choices when it comes to replacing DSM, including BrightGen’s tailor-made solution, BrightMEDIA, which has been awarded ‘Full Force’ status by Salesforce. But before you make any decisions, the following Q&A will help guide you.  

your questions answered

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Q1. What should I do first? 
DSM concentrates on pre-sales proposal building, advert trafficking, delivery and finance. So the first step is to consult the teams that manage these areas and discuss the functions they need moving forward. It’s critically important to consider your strategy for a number of years to come when choosing which partner or software to use when replacing DSM.

Q2. How do I ensure that the solution I’ve chosen is the best and what factors should I consider? 
  1. Usability - an effective UX and UI will ensure easier adoption and greater productivity from your team members 
  2. Accessibility - is the solution available remotely or from multiple devices? This improves communication and access to information 
  3. Data management - clean and evaluate your data before making sure your new system protects it with data validation
  4. Monitoring and reporting - ensure the new dashboard provides easy access to the metrics you need How BrightMEDIA can help With BrightMEDIA, all of your data can be stored, organised and accessed in one place. Reporting and analytics are delivered using effective and proven ‘out of the box’ functions, making it easy for managers to see what’s working and for sales to deliver results. 
With BrightMEDIA, all of your data can be stored, organised and accessed in one place. Reporting and analytics are delivered using effective and proven ‘out of the box’ functions, making it easy for managers to see what’s working and for sales to deliver results.

Q3. What does Salesforce provide? 
  1. Salesforce is the world’s number 1 CRM and has advanced functions and add ons that help sales run smoothly. The platform is strong, resilient and reliable for the long term. 
  2. Superior pipeline management provides visibility of accurate and current information, making planning easier and more effective Account and lead management becomes a more streamlined process, thanks to a user friendly interface and information that can be managed from anywhere 
BrightMEDIA is built on Salesforce and uses the latest technology and features enabled by the CRM software combined with the Lightning UX experience. BrightMEDIA extends the salesforce platform functions by providing a full OMS (order management system), helping to ensure ad sales can be organised and well managed. In addition, there’s no complex integration required as BrightMEDIA operates seamlessly with the Salesforce platform and provides a long term option to replace DSM. 

Q4. How does BrightMEDIA extend Salesforce when it comes to my OMS?
With Salesforce you can:
  1. Easily generate quotes and proposals for clients, sending them out via email as PDFs or a range of other file formats. You can also track them after sending 
  2. Create orders based on the whole proposal or individual line items. Then pass to your relevant team, such as Ad Ops, when the client has given the go-ahead or the order is ready to be fulfilled 
  3. Enable Ad Ops to accept or reject an order for transition to DFP. No double entry required 
  4. Manage rate cards and pricing by designated users 
  5. Manage your product structure with easy administration functions independently, adapting or changing what you offer quickly all without the need to call us 
  6. View and report on data all in one place 
BrightMEDIA brings together all areas of your business such as Sales and Ad Ops, providing a seamless cycle from quote to payment. Easily include finance or other departments into ad sales or other operations, so that all relevant colleagues have visibility of your pipeline, sales figures, advanced analytics and more. 

Q5. What should I consider when looking to replace DSM with a new partner? 
  1. Experience - a partner that has worked within the sector for a substantial period of time, with a high standard of tech spec to deliver the results you need 
  2. A wide breadth of solutions and different technologies available, allowing your organisation to reach its sales goals and strategic objectives 
At BrightGen we work with leading global publishers including Conde Nast, The Express, Springer Nature, The Guardian and Hubert Burda Media. This has meant we’ve spent almost a decade perfecting the BrightMEDIA features to help large, complex media organisations succeed through media sales. We are also at the forefront of many digital transformations for leading media businesses. 

Q6. How would my new replacement for DSM work with Google DFP? What should I look for?  
  1. Choosing a solution that allows two-way directional integration will ensure better management and utilisation of your data 
  2. And be sure to select a partner or platform that is flexible when it comes to new updates or releases of DFP APIs. This will allow you to adapt your current system rather than replacing it 
BrightMEDIA has two-way direct integration with DFP, providing a seamless experience for Ad Ops and management. With your stats all available in Salesforce for easy and speedy analytics and reporting. 

 Q7. What costs do I need to consider? 
  1. License model: It is likely the partner you choose will operate a licensing model. So ensure you are clear about the rules around users and associated licenses. The right partner for your organisation will depend on its size and the amount of people who need to have access to the system
  2. Service management: This is often optional, providing ongoing operational support for a regular retainer. Talk to the partners you are considering to find out what they offer as part of their packages to get value for money and a commitment to work with you and your business for the long term. 
BrightMEDIA was the first Salesforce solution we developed at BrightGen and it has helped a number of respected media businesses to plan their sales operations efficiently. This is a testament to the return on investment and value we can provide as an experienced partner. Our payment options and packages, which include managed services, are both competitive and flexible and are designed to underpin a long and lasting relationship with our customers 

Q8. How can I be sure my new solution will stay up to date in the ever-changing world of digital ad sales? 
  1. Ability to add new products - your new ad sales solution provider should be able to promise you an adaptable system that will evolve over time. With the digital ad sales industry only going to grow, make sure your partner demonstrates an ability or willingness to develop its technology. Ask to see their roadmap for improvements and product updates 

Since the initial launch of BrightMEDIA in 2014 we have invested heavily in enhancements to the technology to ensure it meets the current and future requirements of some of the world’s largest and most respected media companies. Always listening to the needs and feedback of our clients, the solution has evolved and been adapted to ensure it delivers efficiency, cost savings and results for BrightGen clients. And we know it will need to continually evolve, with updates and product additions, for years to come as the industry moves on. Media is one of the largest sectors we work with at BrightGen. And since the launch of BrightMedia we’ve helped many media companies with their sales processes and digital transformations. That experience and passion for the industry is what makes us a great partner for any media business.

Act now to review your options and prepare for the retirement of Google DSM, as 2019 isn’t far away. To find out more about how BrightMEDIA can help your media organisation win new ad sales and manage processes effectively, get in touch here.