Speeding up access and simplicity for the customer with Salesforce

The Challenge

  • Disjointed customer data 
  • Siloed back-end systems
  • Superficial data visibility, particularly around customer behaviour
  • Complex Expression of Interest forms
  • High drop-off rate between registration and application stages
  • High number of issues with start ups being allocated delivery partners
  • Slow duplication identification process, causing high risk of error and slowing down loan application approvals 

The Solution

  • Extended Salesforce Community Cloud to allow for improved self-registration when applying 
  • Designed and implemented new user interface and experience for the community to help drive user engagement
  • Enabled better tracking of the source of applicants for additional customer insight

The Result

  • 50% reduction in delivery partner allocation issues, meaning start ups will be able to access the loans more quickly
  • Customer conversion with registration to application drop-off rate reduced by 60%
  • Deduplication process time slashed by two thirds - meaning start up requests can be processed more quickly and accurately


Contact at Start Up Loans:
Marketing communications manager