On 21st March, Simon Goodyear and I presented the mobile track at the Salesforce Elevate London workshop. A great turnout saw us having to expand the room so that attendees could work at a desk rather than their knees. We weren't alone in this, as the beginner and advanced tracks were also full to bursting.

The workshop covered the following topics, with introductory slides and chat from the presenters followed by hands on exercises for the attendees to try out themselves:

  • Creating a Hybrid Mobile App
  • Debugging
  • Bonus "Ticket to Ride" talk over lunch
  • Extending the App
  • Enterprise features
  • Device features

One takeway for me is that if you are attending a workshop involving hybrid or native mobile development is that you need to have your development environment setup prior to the day, especially if you are using a windows machine with the android emulator, as these seemed to need a lot of TLC before they would work correctly.

Luckily our attendees were made of stern stuff and pretty much everyone persevered to the point that they had made it through at least 60-70% of the exercises before the day was out.

If you couldn't make the workshop but want to try out the tutorials yourself, the workbooks are available online: