- Calling all 2017 Graduates! -

Wow, beginning of April already - how quickly this year has gone! This also means that final year projects and dissertation deadlines are looming. I remember that feeling well, despite it being 6 years ago! And once submitted, The Constant Question that everyone seems to ask is “what are you going to do next when you graduate?”

In an ideal world, the answer is to start working, earn money and to build experience that will hopefully lead to a successful career. But is it that easy for current grads? I can remember spending countless hours applying for jobs because I did not have a clear direction as to what I wanted to do as a career.

Turning back the clock, if I had been given the opportunity to work for a Platinum Salesforce Partner, who would aid in forging a career in Salesforce development and consultancy, I would have snapped it up! However, my degree was not in Computer Science or Software Engineering and I haven’t a clue how to write code... so for those of you who do and and have knowledge of Java, .Net or object orientated programming, then these are transferable skills to use within Salesforce development. And you are on the right track for our Graduate Training Programme!

What to expect from our Graduate Training Programme?

Our Graduate Training Programme is focused on enabling you to become a first class developer and consultant, introducing you to a wide variety of interesting projects and enabling you to take on positions of responsibility early in your career.

We have been running our Graduate Training Programme for over 5 years, and it is has been a real pleasure to see our past graduates grow and develop their experience with us.

Graduate Recruitment Evening

But don’t take my word for it - come along to our Graduate Recruitment Evening and talk to those who joined us as a graduate, as well as some of the senior team you’d be working alongside.

It’s in our Witham Head Office, on Thursday 26th April. Please register your place here.

Hear it from our Grads!

We asked some of the team who joined us through the scheme to share their experiences with you for this blog.

Why did you choose a career in Salesforce?
Salesforce is a market leading CRM system and BrightGen is a Platinum Salesforce Partner, who doesn't want to be up at the top alongside them? With the speed at which Salesforce is growing and the variety it covers in terms of business areas, the work is always interesting and you get a real sense of connection with customers. The clear cut progression system of certifications is also a very attractive feature of a Salesforce career as you are rewarded based on the hard work you put in.

Why did you choose a Graduate Scheme?
I think the support and progression of a graduate scheme is unmatched when compared to just being dropped into the deep end. Being given a mentor and access to the expansive knowledge of a team, it makes learning and getting up to speed quick and painless. When you are first introduced to Salesforce it can be a lot of information to take on so being able to have someone who can dedicate large portions of their time to ensure you're picking it up and understanding is invaluable.

Would you recommend the BrightGen Graduate Scheme, and why?
Absolutely - I have had nothing but consistent support and advice since the day I joined. I am not shunned because I am still learning and am given work that will challenge me, helping me to learn much faster. The team and general office environment is great because everyone is always up for a laugh but do not hesitate to get the work done or help out someone who is struggling, regardless of how busy they are!

I hope to see you on the 26th April. If you cannot make it but are interested in applying for one of our graduate positions or just to find out more, please contact me directly at laurencohen@brightgen.com or apply via our Careers page.