Implementation, Integration & Delivery


Implementation and Integration

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Starting on the road to a truly transformed organisation is a major project for any business, and it's especially daunting if you operate a large enterprise. At BrightGen, we help businesses of all sizes implement, integrate and add to Salesforce, ensuring a successful digital transformation. 

After over 10 years and more than 1,000 successful projects, we’ve developed a tried and tested methodical approach to managing Salesforce projects. You’ll not only benefit from our efficient project management, guidance and a stress-free transition, but a business that’s totally transformed. 

As well as ensuring Salesforce is implemented properly within your organisation, we offer in-depth knowledge of everything the platform can help you achieve in the long-term. That includes each of its products; Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud, Service Cloud and more. In addition, we’ve worked on countless projects involving SAP, Oracle, other legacy ERPs and Finance Systems. So whatever your goals and whatever technology you’re currently using, we can work with you to make your business more flexible, profitable and successful. 

We understand that you might be uncertain about how to start any large-scale Salesforce project or you could be unsure about what your organisation needs. At BrightGen, each of our team knows how important it is to guide you when it comes to Salesforce, leading you on the right path and showing you what your business is capable of.

How we deliver your solution 

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Work with us and you can expect not only a successful project, but a partner that fully understands the long term needs and goals of your business. You can also be confident you’ll see a return on your investment quickly, as the ‘BrightGen way’ means our team members get started as soon as you’re ready and save time along the way. 

 We offer a complete project management service from start to finish for our customers. You’ll have an assigned project manager who will be responsible for ensuring every stage goes smoothly. 

Those stages include:


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We begin by gaining an understanding of your business, the challenges you face and your current processes. We then define the appropriate solution that will get you where you need to be. Once agreed that the solution fits your requirements we move on to analysis and design.


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Once we fully understand all your requirements in detail, we finalise the scope of the project. We then design the appropriate solution and implement a project plan which we track to ensure we are always on schedule and within budget.

Iterative Development

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Our approach to projects is iterative to ensure that you are kept informed at all stages and so we can react accordingly if we have to make changes mid-project. During this build we conduct extensive testing to ensure the quality of the solution we're delivering.

Go-live & Support

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Once the solution has been tested and approved, we ‘go live’. However the journey doesn’t end there. We offer full support and training during this time and will be with you every step of the way to ensure success and that all users are confident with the systems.