Whether it’s facing the challenge of increasing recruitment from a shrinking market, maximising retention, driving student success or managing targeted and personalised alumni campaigns, the truly connected campus approach requires institutions to fully engage in their digital transformation.

With BrightGen’s experience and expertise in developing fully bespoke customer solutions with Salesforce at the centre, we can deliver your institution the results you need at a pace that ensures you grow in line with your business expectations.  With over 12 years of experience and having managed in excess of 1,000 successful projects, BrightGen has quickly become the partner of choice to work with collaboratively to move your education institution forward.

The Salesforce Education Data Architecture (EDA) provides institutions with all the tools required to develop a flexible and scalable data solution, unlocking that 360° view of the student and their programme and facilitating data driven decisions and interventions that are focussed in a timely and effective manner, whilst retaining the student at the centre of the vision.

BrightGen have worked tirelessly with a number of HE providers and are proud to have supported over 250,000 students in their pursuit of turning dreams into reality.