Salesforce1 Communities Access Salesforce1 was launched at Dreamforce 2013 and is the latest and greatest mobile offering, allowing access to standard and custom objects, custom actions, Visualforce pages and more. The Spring 14 release introduces access to communities via Salesforce1, so your partner and customer users can track the progress of cases, opportunities etc from their mobile device.

This is only available for the HTML5 version of Salesforce1 at the moment, and be sure to check the 'Enable the Salesforce1 mobile browser app' in the Mobile Administration -> Salesforce1 setup page, otherwise your community users will receive a '404 - Not Found' message.

Post Announcements in Chatter Groups

This feature is a great example of Salesforce listening to the community. A couple of ideas were posted regarding 'sticky' (or persistent) chatter posts for important messages. Group owners and managers can now post announcements via a publisher action that display in a highlighted area on the group detail page. Announcements have an expiration date and will display until 11:59pm on the chosen date, unless another group announcement is created prior to that date/time, in which case the new announcement will replace the older one.

New User Interface for Monitoring Deployments

This is a feature that we at BrightGen are particularly pleased to see, as we carry out a vast number of deployments through service management or project delivery and in more mature Salesforce customer instances, they can take a significant amount of time. You can now see how far through the deployment is, in terms of the number of components deployed and also the number of unit tests run. In progress deployments can now be cancelled, so if something fails early on, you can terminate the deployment at that point.

Mass Assign Permission Sets

Another feature that will save us a lot of time is the ability to assign or revoke a permission set to a number of users in one go, up to 1000 at a time. Prior to Spring 14 this had to be done from the detail record of each user, which resulted in a lot of clicks.

Territory Management Can Now be Disabled

If you've been put off territory management in the past due to the no turning back aspect of enabling the feature, the solution is at hand. You can now contact Salesforce support to disable territory management if it is no longer appropriate for your organisation.

If you are interested in attending the BrightGen Spring 14 release webinar, you can sign up for it via this link.