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In the hot seat this month… Ben Dyer - Project Manager

Give us an overview
My job is all about delivery. When you join BrightGen as a Project Manager, you are expected to take full ownership of a programme to deliver a successful Salesforce implementation on time and within budget. Every project is unique and we have an awesome technical team to work with, in a supportive environment with the freedom to flourish.

At the heart of my job is taking ownership of a project. This means contributing to the design in order to fully understand the requirements of what you are aiming to achieve. Having this involvement at the start helps us to know the challenging areas of the solution so that we can maintain scope and focus on the critical path throughout the delivery.

Of course we need to cover all the Project Management basics in regards to planning, management of scope, reporting, budget control and governing the overall project approach, but it doesn’t stop there! A significant and particularly rewarding aspect of the role that I enjoy is leading the team in close collaboration to learn, mentor and work with the individual strengths and weaknesses.

It is important to remain flexible in this job. Projects are ever-changing and you need to be prepared to adapt depending on the situation whilst understanding the consequences.

Being inquisitive and having confidence when dealing with both your team and the customer will help you to uncover the truth regarding the state of the delivery, and remember to always ask probing questions!

Finally comms, comms, comms! It is vital to keep communication up at all times and at all levels, the golden rule is no surprises. The combination of all these attributes will help you provide value to the customer and bring credibility to the role.

Going above and beyond
One of the great things about working at BrightGen is variety - no two days are the same. Whilst your project is running like clockwork with no issues you should have plenty of time to help with other activities. These could be pre-sales engagements, helping to run discovery workshops in order to develop proposals and delivery estimates. You may even have an opportunity to support one of the many partner events like the renowned annual Salesforce World Tour in London or even get involved with supporting some internal IP product development.

My day
What does a typical day look like? Well there isn’t one, but for me it always starts with food, and for those that know me well, that’s no surprise!

I tend to catch up on emails and messages on my joyous commute to the City so that I hit the office ready to face the day’s challenges. It is important to review my ‘kanban’ board of assigned team tasks in conjunction with the timeline, first. This ensures I know what everyone should be working on and importantly when each activity should be complete.

The daily team Stand Up takes place at the same time each morning. This is when each team member tells me what they did yesterday, what they plan to do today and any issues that are impacting their progress.

Next I will have my progress call with the customer and any key third party vendors involved in the project to ensure that all milestones on the critical path of the program are aligned and prioritised. I will then review and update my project documentation and controls document focusing on the priority risks, issues and actions.

If I am heading out to lunch I will usually go to Petticoat Lane with some of my colleagues and pick up a Katsu Chicken Wrap. These are amazing but be warned, they come with a kick!

Throughout the day I check in with my team on an ad hoc basis. As we are running virtual teams with people working across different offices, client site or from home, we make great use of Skype and Chatter to keep in touch and of course partake in some light team banter. I will always report into my BrightGen Delivery Manager and Account Manager for the customer at any point in the day to keep them informed of any issues impacting the delivery or budget, before the customer is informed.

The remaining activities throughout the day vary. They could involve business readiness planning and preparations, support for pre-sales, internal meetings or HR support, the list is endless.

Before I leave the office, I check my budget and update my timeline, to ensure the team have accurately logged their time for the day (this usually involves a polite time logging nudge).

At the end of the day it is not uncommon to find a willing volunteer to have a swift one in The Drift bar. Mine’s a Peroni!

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