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In the hot seat this month… Gavin Palmer - Salesforce Technical Consultant, CPQ Specialist

Give us an overview
As a Technical Consultant, I am responsible for designing and building the technical solutions to meet the requirements of our customers. I’ll often participate in pre-sales Discovery meetings, which is great because that means I’m involved from the beginning and see the project right through. With the increased demand for CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote), I’ve specialised more and more in this and become one of BrightGen’s CPQ experts.

My role is very rewarding knowing the benefit that I am providing to businesses in the long run as part of a collaborative team - but the greatest feeling is when something that I have personally designed and built goes live and provides a genuine benefit to the users. We just went live with one of our longest and most detailed CPQ projects last week - that’s really why I have time today to have this interview, I wouldn’t have had a spare moment last week! But it went live without a hitch.

Good knowledge of the Salesforce platform as a whole is essential. I don’t think a specific educational route matters too much, and certainly my colleagues all have varied backgrounds. I entered the Salesforce world as a Graduate Consultant and really enjoyed learning so I read a lot and went from there.

We’re fortunate, Salesforce has great resources out there to get you skilled up, and learning new things is almost inevitable as part of your job - plus there is Trailhead which is a fun way to learn. But I’d say getting certified is really important. We all support each other in this at BrightGen, I’m going to take the Data Architecture and Management Designer cert at the weekend which will be my 10th cert. We can get a bit competitive about it!

The Salesforce CPQ cert was probably the hardest to train for - it’s still relatively new technology, so the official documentation is more limited. But it’s times like this that I’m grateful for the Salesforce Ohana. The Success Community for example, where everyone collaborates to answer questions and help each other. And the meet-ups are great too.

Going above and beyond
I think the best thing about my job - and all this constant learning! - is when I can use my knowledge of the Salesforce platform to solve a real business problem, it’s so rewarding.

In a recent CPQ implementation, I found out that the customer was using DocuSign for another area of the business, and I knew that Salesforce CPQ has an app exchange product to handle the integration. I suggested that they change their process in the team I was working with to work with DocuSign and this really improved efficiency and automated a lot of manual work for our customer across the business.

My day
My days vary a lot depending on the stages of a project but I typically get in early, so I can choose a good seat (we hot-seat in the London office) and I will check my emails to see if there are any outstanding tasks. We always have our Stand Ups in the morning - the whole project team. This is a good opportunity to keep up to date with the current state of the project and totally defines the rest of my day.

You can always tell when I’m in the middle of a build as i’ll usually have headphones on, and a concentrated look on my face! But it’s great that if I get stuck I can just look up and I’m surrounded by help. I make sure to get some fresh air at lunchtime, unless it’s one of our Lunch & Learns, which is when we all gather in the boardroom with pizza and learn something new or share information. I hosted one recently on CPQ and we had UI/UX best practice training a few weeks ago - they’re great.

Any advice for someone who wants a job like yours?
I would encourage anyone to get onto the Salesforce platform, it never gets old and boring because it is rapidly changing and developing and you would be part of that. And I really need some help on CPQ as we are so busy with projects, so definitely get the cert and come work with me and the rest of the BrightGen team in Liverpool Street or Essex!

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