Service Management


Service Management

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With Service Management from BrightGen, you get more from your investment in Salesforce. Rather than providing a reactive service, we ensure you benefit from continuous maintenance, monitoring and measurement. That means you not only get value for money, but a partner that’s always on-hand and always focused on improving the way you operate. 

 With 50 service management customers, 95 per cent of which have stayed with BrightGen since signing up, we can use our experience supporting others to further your business. There’s not a maintenance issue or technical glitch we haven’t encountered or helped resolve for our customers. That means you can be confident we’ll keep Salesforce – and your company - running as it should. 

 Our years of working with other organisations helps us make faster, smarter decisions when it comes to supporting you. We’ve spent a decade continually developing and adapting Salesforce within other businesses, as well as implementing our own solutions. So we can offer you tried and tested methods that lead to success, swiftly. Below you’ll find more information on how we deliver our service management:  


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As a Service Management customer, you have a dedicated contact for your business, plus a team of experts with thorough knowledge of your industry. 

Forming the foundation of our Service Management are a number of activities, which are all agreed with you as part of your Service Framework. They include: Incident, Problem, Change and Release Management, Service Monitoring and an Escalation Process. 

As part of your support service, BrightGen manages any Change Requests raised. These are typically small changes identified by your team or suggested by us as part of our promise to ensure your continuous improvement. Many of these changes are carried out within standard service hours. However, BrightGen will always request authority to proceed and agree priorities with the appropriate person before starting any work. 

Everything we do for you is documented in a shared Service Framework Agreement and backed up by a specific internal support guide and Service Handbook.


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We measure and report on your day-to-day Service Management activity. We also keep you up to date on how many of your agreed monthly service hours you’ve used.

Time spent on cases is monitored constantly and the status is reported by BrightGen weekly via email. You can also find information on the BrightGen Customer Community portal, with live information about your hours and cases, as well as much more.

All activities carried out on behalf of your business are covered in the formal service review meeting and documented in any reports we send to you. 

Typically, service report meetings cover the following:
  • Incident / problem review
  • Change review – current and proposed activities
  • Focus and priorities for the forthcoming quarter
  • Recommendations for changes as part of CIP
  • Effort spend update etc.


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Our mentoring process includes a Continuous Improvement Programme (CIP). This is a roadmap of activities agreed with you, where we identify key changes and enhancements to Salesforce within your organisation. These can make it easier to use the system, improve the speed at which you implement or adopt new processes and provide other business benefits.

We provide advice on changes, based on technical knowledge and guidance for future requirements, which ensure our customers get the most out of Salesforce. For example we may recommend you introduce new features, improve your user experience and performance of applications or systems. 

 The CIP will typically include: 
  • Customer roadmap for the platform
  • Lessons taken from data and usage analysis
  • The correction of underlying issues uncovered by incident and problem assessment
  • General experience in providing the service
  • Historic Project and Service Consultant experience