Salesforce is a powerful platform, and much more than just a CRM – there’s Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud and thousands of products on the AppExchange. We’ve rounded up just a few of the benefits that may help you if you’re reviewing Salesforce:

No hardware
Being cloud-based, you don’t need any hardware to run Salesforce, which means no maintenance or upgrade costs, or associated staff costs. Salesforce also takes care of all logical and physical security, so there’s no need for you to worry about disaster recovery or maintaining backup servers.

No need for code
With the point-and-click tools, administrators can set up straightforward business applications with ease. Where custom development is required, this works in conjunction with the point-and-click solution rather than replacing it.

Get to work immediately
Because you don't have to worry about any of the technical setup or security, you can concentrate on solving the real business problems rather than wrangling with setup issues.

Automatic upgrades
All of your applications are automatically upgraded to the latest version of Salesforce three times a year, without any rollout effort on your part.

Continual improvements
New features are launched every release, some based on customer requests via the IdeaExchange and others in line with the product roadmap. For example, when the Salesforce1 mobile application was launched, no additional development was required to access your data via a mobile device, it was just a case of reconfiguring access for your users.

Extend to your stakeholders
It’s easy to provide access to Salesforce via the various Communities products and it enables your stakeholders (be it employees, partners, customers or suppliers) to engage with your business and each other without the need for different software applications or hardware.

The Community
There’s a great community of admins, developers and MVPs (Most Valuable People) that give up their time for free. They help newcomers to get started, evangelise the platform, share solutions and help with small issues.

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