The Summer 14 release of Salesforce hits NA1 on June 20th and rolls out to other instances on July 11th and 18th-19th, if all goes according to plan.

Here at BrightGen we'll be taking an in depth look at the features with our customers in the next of our world famous release webinars, featuring Keir Bowden and Clive Platt. After perusing the release notes in details, here are our top 5 features coming in the next release.

Profile Based Rollout of Chatter

I've lost count of the amount of times that customers or prospects have asked about this - they are interested in piloting chatter but starting with a small group of users. Up until now, its been all or nothing, but Summer 14 introduces chatter specific permissions that can be enabled for a profile shared by a number of users, or in a permission set that is applied to individual users.

Minimum Password Lifetime of 1 Day

A seemingly minor change on the security front, but very important nevertheless. While Salesforce remembers the previous 15 passwords (increasing to 24 in Summer 14), a determined user can simply cycle through 15 password changes in a short time before arriving back at their original password - this change means that they will only be able to change their password once a day, so even though it won't stop password cycling, it will mean that it takes the best part of a month to return to the original password, which is likely to deter most if not all cyclists.

Description Field for Login IP Ranges

Another seemingly minor change that makes life much easier for system administrators. Now the purpose of an IP range can be recorded when it is created, making it much easier to identify ranges that are no longer required or that should never have been opened up in the first place.

Salesforce1 Publisher Actions sans Chatter

Access the Salesforce1 publisher actions even if your organisation isn't using chatter. This is only available in the HTML5 mobile browser application but hopefully will soon be added to the installed iOS and Android applications.

Limits Increases

Nobody likes limits, and it's always nice to see them loosened. Among others, Summer 14 increases the relationship fields per object from 25 to 40, external ids per object from 3 to 7 and completely removes describe limits.

Full details of the Summer 14 release can be found in the 325 pages of release notes - it's well worth the effort to read them all.