The Summer 17 Salesforce release lands on the weekends of 3rd and 10th June (for the latest information, see the Salesforce Status site) and myself and Clive Platt will be running another of our hotly anticipated BrightGen release webinars on May 31st to cover the key new features for our customers. Sign up to join us here.

The ever increasing Salesforce feature set means that the release notes for Summer '17 weigh in at a hefty 536 pages and we've been through each and every one of them to identify the top 5 features that we are most excited about.

1. Dashboard Filters in Lightning Experience
Another barrier to adopting the Lightning Experience comes crashing down as you can now add filters to your dashboards without switching back to Classic.

2. Subscribe Other People to Reports
No need to send emails/chatter posts or hold all hands meetings to tell people about important new reports in Salesforce that they should be monitoring. Summer 17 introduces the ability to subscribe other people to receive scheduled reports. Now there is no excuse for not being up to date with the latest figures.

3. Stale Dashboard Warning
Three out of three for analytics so far. How many times as an admin has a user told you the dashboard information is wrong, only for you to find that it hasn't been refreshed for months? With the new warning your users can see for themselves that they need to refresh.

4. Communities in Change Sets
There's one less manual job when deploying a release, as you can now add communities into change sets. This only applies to updates to the community, so you still need to manually create them. There are a few other limitations too, which we'll cover in the webinar so don't forget to sign up.

5. Locker Service
The Locker Service will be enforced in Summer 17, but only for API version 40 and above. This is a great compromise from Salesforce as it means that existing systems will be unaffected

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These are just a taste of the Summer '17 Release - if you'd like to find out about some more of the key features, why not view our on-demand release webinar which we hosted live on on 31st May - view it here

Keir Bowden is CTO of BrightGen, a Certified Technical Architect and multi-time Salesforce MVP - you can find him on twitter @bob_buzzard.